When is it time to switch to diaper pants?

Babies grow quickly and before you know it, they would have reached yet another milestone. Each milestone would mean different kind of movements, be it cruising, crawling, walking or even climbing up beds and chairs.

It would then be time to decide if you should transition baby’s diapers from tape style to pants style such as PETPET® Day Night Pants to fit their new active lifestyle.

Here’s when you should consider switching!

Baby’s tape diapers have to be retaped often

If you are constantly checking if the tape has come undone, switching to pants will ease your dilemma. Pants diapers like PETPET® Day Night Pants fit your baby snugly without any waistband adjustments. They are not only less bulky but they aid cruising movements, making it easier for toddlers to learn how to walk.

Baby’s increased mobility

If the more baby moves, it could be difficult to pin him down for a diaper change. The pants style will come in handy as it allows parents to easily wear and remove them (sometimes even while they are on the move!). Pants style diapers are also designed for a better all-round fit while babies explore their surroundings, preventing leakages.

Baby feels uncomfortable when diaper is taped

If baby fusses out of discomfort or has red marks on her skin, it could be due to the tape function. As the pants style diapers is an expandable waistband, it will cause less abrasion on the skin, providing better comfort for the little one.

No problem with budget

The tape style diapers are normally priced lower than pants style diapers. If price is not a concern, then transitioning to pants is the only other natural thing to do!

Hot tip : Some parents use both tape and pants diapers together. Pants diapers during the day when baby moves actively and tape diapers during bedtimes when there is less activity.