Say Cheese! Master these Baby Photography Tips!

We’ve all been there: our baby is all-smiles and is acting super adorable. Immediately we reach for our smartphones to capture that precious moment in time and then quickly upload it to our Instagram feed to immortalise it. #cute #precious moment 

That’s if you’re lucky. Most of the time, our babies are grumpy, not looking at the camera, or we capture the moment a second too late, resulting in a blurry after-image. 🙁 

Over the past few months of near-obsessive photographing of my little cherub, I’ve come to learn a few things about taking nice baby pictures. Here are a few tips to help my fellow mothers save snapshots of their baby’s sweetest moments.

Tip #1 – Go Low and Close

My best baby shots are those taken at a low angle or right at their level. Don’t be afraid to take a close-up shot, which you can use your phone’s macro mode. This makes your pictures more intimate and personal, as though you’re entering their world.

Tip #2 – Work with Baby’s Mood

Don’t force your baby to ‘smile’ or look at the camera. Instead, try to take pictures when they’re in a good mood. This is usually after their snack/feeding time, or when they’re wearing a fresh pair of PETPET® Tape Diapers. Another good time to take pictures is naptime. I love to take pictures of my baby when he’s asleep since he’s perfectly still.

Tip #3 – Use Natural Sunlight

Switch off the flash and use as much sunlight as possible to really accentuate your baby’s natural glow. More natural light also means your pictures will be less likely to be blurry, especially if your phone’s camera shutter speed is set to automatic. 

Tip #4 – Keep it Simple

While it’s tempting to put baby in a cutesy pose with dozens of props, it can be really difficult to do so when your subject doesn’t understand instructions. Keep your outfit and props simple, and avoid a cluttered background to make your baby stand out in the photo. I also usually wait until my baby is asleep so it’s easier to pose him and take a flatlay snapshot from above.

Tip #5 – Try Black and White

Some baby pictures can look especially poignant or more meaningful when you convert them to black and white. Stripping away the colour can help remove unwanted scratches and marks, as well as softens the look of your baby. 

Tip #6 – Use Burst / Continuous Shooting Mode

Babies aren’t the type to usually keep still, unless they’re sleeping. Make use of your smartphone’s “Burst” or “Continuous Shooting” mode, which will take several pictures of your little one in a few seconds. This handy mode allows you to choose the best non-blurry photo out of the bunch.