Newborn diaper size: What is the best – newborn or S?

I was certainly overwhelmed as a first-time mom, seeing the endless choices in my search for a disposable diaper for my newborn. 

It was confusing and impossible to know if the diapers are all it claims to be by just the advertisement on the package. They would claim to be the best in absorbency, fit and comfort while some diapers have other environmentally-friendly claims or have a premium price tag. 

My first step is to consider the potential needs of my infant as well as my family’s. We decided that absorbency and fit were important. With this two checked, comfort and cost will fall into place. 

Both my babies took close to 2 weeks before they healed at the navel area. It looked very uncomfortable! So for the first month, I decided to use the PETPET®’s Tape Newborn diapers because they are gentle and delicate baby’s newborn skin with the specially designed to care for your baby’s healing navel. They also have a curved front navel care to avoid rubbing against the still-healing navel area.

Sure, some of my friends would fold regular diapers down until the navel area is fully healed but that didn’t bode well with me as the flap could return to its place and I didn’t want to risk any potential infection. 

There are about 60 pieces of diapers for the newborn size, so assuming that we changed up to 8 diapers a day, 1 pack of PETPET®’s Tape Newborn diapers was good to last me for almost a week. So I kept 2 packs in store and it was good to last until their navels were fully healed. You may want to stock up more if your baby is a preemie.  

We then moved on to PETPET®’s Tape S size diapers which were slightly bigger in size than the newborn’s. My babies looked much more comfortable in the S size. I suppose it is the same as adults preferring to wear loose underwear than tight ones for long hours. 

I kept mentioning PETPET® because I tend to hear my friends going through various trials and errors in their search for the perfect diaper. However, I was lucky that my search for the best diaper for both my babies ended with PETPET®. They check all the boxes on absorbency, comfort, fit and even our growing family’s budget. 

So, I would certainly recommend you to start your search with PETPET® as well!