Baby’s coming soon! Your last hurrah checklist

You are down to your final trimester and your head might just be spinning as you think of all you must do for baby’s debut. This was the case for me and I am here to share that it does not have to be overwhelming. 

Of course, I learned better in my second pregnancy but with a checklist, some organisation and advance planning, you and your partner will be able to handle it all.

Pack your hospital bag

I have a number of friends who had early emergencies and had to deliver ahead of their due date. To avoid the last minute rush, pack your hospital bag in advance and keep it in your car if possible.

Download some helpful baby apps

If you haven’t already, be sure to download some helpful apps such as BabyCenter, Baby nursing timing app, baby monitor, etc.

Wash and prep

Wash: Baby clothes, sheets, towels, cloth diapers, nursing wear, confinement wear, etc
Prep: Baby car seat, baby cot and baby proof your home

Stock up on diapers

I started stocking up on PETPET® Tape (NB) diapers to save the hassle of buying them when baby is here. From everyday wear to overnight sleep, I know I won’t go wrong with PETPET®’s Tape (NB) diapers which provides comfort for my little one thru its baby soft touch surface that is so gentle on the skin.

Plan birth plan and confinement

If you have any specific birth plan, this is the time to talk to your doctor about it. I also went over my confinement plans with my husband and caregivers to avoid any last minute arrangements which could cost higher.

Attend pre-natal classes

This was so important to me. Together with my husband, it helped us to familiarise ourselves with the labour room, learn breathing techniques and be educated on breastfeeding.

Manage work leave

Plan work duties and maternity leave with your employer. Some of your duties will be passed to your colleagues and this is the time to prep them with a handover list.

Eat healthily, rest or do something that makes you happy

I tried to be a super mummy with my first pregnancy and went to labour right after work. For the second, I decided to take it easy by resting a few days before the due date and it made a difference. So put your leg up. Read a book, have breakfast in bed then watch TV before a nap. It is called labour because it is hard work and you need all the energy you can muster!