At your fingertips - Apps for Modern parents!

I remember how when I was pregnant with my first child, I had my gynaecologist, mom and my sister on speed dial because I had so many questions I did not have answers to! Thankfully, we now have a ‘virtual village’ we could turn to and I started by downloading apps. 

These apps not only helped me understand my pregnancy symptoms by the weeks and months, they offered food advice and showed my baby’s progression at each stage. I remember looking forward to the weekly updates on how far along my baby has been and it was such a joy to anticipate my little one as the date drew close. 

However, there are a host of many great apps in the market. So, we separated the wheat from the chaff and came up with some recommendations as below!

Pregnancy tracking app: What To Expect baby tracker or BabyCenter

I used What To Expect baby tracker in my first pregnancy and BabyCenter in my second pregnancy. Both were equally as great. My personal favourite is BabyCenter. Their pregnancy tips were succinct and the app was quite on-point with some of the symptoms I had.

Photo Processing app: Baby Pics

Love this app! You can take your own bump pics or baby’s monthly milestone at home without the chalkboards because it is all beautifully templated!

Compare grocery prices for deals app: Hargapedia

If you feel tired from going from one grocer to another hypermarket just to compare the prices, there is a new app to help you do just that! Not only it is an app featuring local hypermarkets and online stores, but it also has different sections for baby, food, health and beauty. For example, you can find the latest deals of PETPET® diapers among local hypermarkets or online stores, and put them in your watchlist! Never miss your PETPET® diaper deals now!

Medical information app: WebMD Baby app

This app is a godsend. Especially for the late-night “Why am I having heartburn?” or “What is a high-fever for a newborn” kind of questions. This app gives us parents instant access to physician-approved medical information relating to babies
[Disclaimer- for serious conditions, always refer to your medical doctor or paediatrician]

Surah reading app: Surah Amalan Ibu Hamil MP3
Muslim mummies will enjoy the serenity of this Surah reading app. You can also hook your earphones and place it on your growing belly!
Healthy recipes app: Nutritious Chinese Tonic Soup Recipes

I constantly had no appetite when I was pregnant but I was determined to eat healthily. This app helped in giving some ideas on those lazy days. Feel free to swap the meats with one that you can enjoy.