Happy Comfort = Happy Baby + Mommy Happy Comfort = Happy Baby + Mommy
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Terdapat Dalam Saiz: S, M, L, XL

  • 1
    3D SUPER DRY Sheet
    Drives urine absorbency and prevents backflow, keeping your baby's skin dry & fresh.
  • 2
    Extra Gel Plus
    Quickly locks away wetness for longer usage and skin dryness.
  • 3
    Breathable and soft Cotton-Like Cover
    Allows air circulation, keeping your baby's skin comfortably fresh and dry all night long.
  • 4
    Extra Leak Guards
    Gently hug baby's leg area and provide extra soft protection against side leakage.
  • 5
    Easy Tapes
    Soft and easily refastenable as many times as needed for best fit and comfort.
  • 6
    Extra Stretchable Waist Band
    Hugs baby's waist for better fit and comfort, allowing your baby to sleep tight in every position.

4 Easy Steps to use PETPET® Night Tape
4 langkah senang menggunakan Lampin Bayi PETPET® Night Tape

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