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How to participate
Here is how you can participate in the PETPET® Online Fiesta Contest, and stand a chance to win yourself a brand new iPhone 8 with 3 simple steps.
Jom sertai Peraduan PETPET® Online Fiesta untuk berpeluang menang iPhone 8 baharu dengan hanya 3 langkah mudah.

Step 1
Purchase RM50 and above worth of PETPET® products (PETPET® Tape, PETPET® Night Tape, PETPET® DayPants) from Lazada within contest period.
Beli RM50 dan ke atas produk PETPET® (PETPET® Tape,PETPET® Night Tape, PETPET® DayPants) dari Lazada dalam tempoh peraduan.
Step 2
Post your completed comment of "PETPET® is always my first choice because..." on PETPET® Malaysia Facebook page iPhone 8 post, to stand a chance to win the grand prize.
Lengkapkan komen anda "PETPET® is always my first choice because..." di laman Facebook PETPET® Malaysia pada pos iPhone 8 untuk berpeluang menang hadiah utama.
Step 3
Submit your proof of purchase from Lazada to PETPET® Malaysia via Facebook Private Message ONLY if you are announced as the winner.
Hantarkan bukti pembelian anda dari Lazada ke PETPET® Malaysia melalui Mesej Peribadi di Facebook, HANYA jika anda diumumkan sebagai pemenang.
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